I have always had a love for yoga…

The most common pose for meditation in yoga
My favorite pose for meditation.

That all changed when my best friend Joy asked me if I would like to go to a free yoga class on campus with her. She had had a rough day and wanted to go relax and focus on her physical wellness. Even though I’ve always wanted to try a yoga class, I was immediately filled with anxiety. What if I couldn’t figure out how to do the poses? What if I couldn’t hold my balance and fell over on the instructor? What if everyone else was better than me?What if, what if, what if…

Then I realized something – the anxiety that I was feeling is exactly what yoga is designed to combat. Yoga is about finding inner peace and feeling free within your body. It is a completely individual experience too, so I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others. With these thoughts I suited up in my favorite yoga pants and workout top and blew the dust off of my yoga mat. I was going to go to this class and I was going to finally start my journey to becoming a yogi, something I’ve always wanted to do but have always been too scared to.

When I walked into the room, a lamp dimly lit the room and calming music played through a speaker in the corner. I felt more at ease already. The instructor sweetly welcomed me and invited me to lay my mat wherever I felt comfortable – right in the back of the group.

We practiced breathing, stretching, holding our balance, and “surrendering” to our bodies. The class lasted about an hour, but I would’ve been happy if it had gone on for three or four! Once I stopped worrying about messing up or embarrassing myself in front of the other people in the class, I had the best time! I felt so relaxed and free when the class ended. I certainly plan on going to another class sometime soon in the future! I’m so glad I didn’t talk myself out of going and allowed myself to try something that I’ve always wanted to!




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