Spring Break 2017

Standing in front of the Hogwarts castle
Visiting Hogwarts for the first time!
My spring break this year was AMAZING! My parents decided to surprise my boyfriend, Blake, and I with tickets to Florida so we could go to Universal Studios. I had been asking for this trip since my 16th birthday, because I absolutely had to experience the wonder that is “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been open in Universal Studios for about 7 years now and has had something added onto it at least every year since its opening. When Blake and I walked through the gates and saw the world of Harry Potter before us, we could do nothing but stand in awe for a few moments. It was as if we had stepped right into the movie. 

We were able to buy wands and cloaks, two essential things for any student of Hogwarts, and then got to walk through the school itself. The attention to detail was incredible! We rode the Hogwarts express and even ran into Harry Potter’s owl while waiting for the train to pull in.

Hedwig - Harry Potter's owl
Running into Hedwig at the train station

After our wonderful 3 days at Universal Studios, we drove down to Lake Placid where my grandparents live. We got to relax by their pool and enjoy family game nights and hours spent looking through old photo albums. We also went to a fancy new chocolate shop that served the most incredible sundaes I had ever seen.
Blake's chocolate sundae
Blake’s chocolate sundae
My banana split
My banana split

Overall, it was one of the best weeks of my life. I am so incredibly grateful that my parents gave Blake and I the opportunity to go down to Florida and experience all we did! It is certainly a spring break I will never forget.


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