The 39 Steps

MNU’s latest production, “The 39 Steps,” opened this Wednesday.

I was lucky enough to be given the privilege of playing Pamela Edwards, the female lead. This means that I was one of the only SEVEN actors in the entire show. Even though there are only seven actors in this show, there are around 20 different characters. This means that some of our actors are quite literally changing hats on stage to become a different character. This just adds to the wonderful haphazardness and organized chaos that is “The 39 Steps.”

The cast and crew.
Our entire cast and crew.

This is my first production here at MNU, and it has been the best experience! I have made so many friends and memories! One of the really nice things about having a very small cast is that everyone gets so close and relationships go past surface level. It has also been a wonderful opportunity to get to know my director and professor, Heather Tinker.

This show has certainly been a challenge for me both mentally and physically. Juggling rehearsals, costume fittings, ticket sales, and not to mention classes, has been incredibly difficult. But, it is also incredibly worth it. “The 39 Steps” is also a very physically taxing show. We run, jump, climb, dive, and everything in between. My character also has to be handcuffed to another for almost an entire act, which has led to many, many bruises. There is actually a note in the script for the show where the playwrite said that hiring actors with Olympic abilities is preferable to be able to pull off all that is needed for this show.

We have 4 shows left, and then that will be it for this semester. It’s going to be very odd not having to go to rehearsal every night and not spending all of my time with the same group of actors. I’m going to miss all of the craziness and excitement, the running around trying to find a prop and the dance parties we have while putting our makeup on backstage. I’m going to miss this show, miss the black box theater being my home away from home. But the beautiful thing is, there will always be another show, and the curtain will always rise once more.


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